About Us

  • We sell, warranty and post-warranty service of industrial gas burners, oil and gas-oil.
  • We are dealing with automation, process control and measurement industry .
  • We give training in servicing industrial burners for heating purposes of varying degrees of sophistication.
  • We provide service waste incineration of organic and inorganic chemicals, grain dryers, printing machines and textile, paint booths, drying paving stones and other concrete products.
  • We provide service of baking ovens and confectionery.
  • We detect the gas leaks.
  • We provide service of water, steam oil boilers from the heat carrier and glycol as a heat transfer medium.
  • We provide service of air, gas and electric heaters.
  • We design and modernize industrial heating system.
  • We provide service of gas burners in designer drugs.
  • We perform the first run of heating systems modernizing heating systems.
  • We are certified to control the heating system by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction (registration number 850).
  • We are allowonce for gas, electrical energy, and the series E and D.
  • We are registered in the company Bisnode (cooperating with Dun & Bradstreet) number D-U-N-S®: 522065796.
  • We operate throughout the country.
  • We were established in 2003.
  • Our clients include companies from the automotive, construction, dairy, confectionery, mining, gas, paper, glass and hospitals.
  • Welcome to cooperate.
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